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The idea for a Centre to cater for Caravan Club members living in the Coventry, Leamington, Rugby and Nuneaton areas was first conceived during a Midland Centre Rally at Lapworth on the 24th May 1964. A number of members from this area were having a Friday night drink at the local inn. It had long been felt that the Midland Programmes were mainly for the benefit of members living in the South and West of Birmingham, the Midland Centre at this time covering Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Herefordshire. It was quite normal for Warwickshire members to travel fifty miles to attend a rally. Repeated requests were made to the Committee for rallies to be held in this area but they were not forthcoming and discontent grew. During that Friday evening while discussing future rallies, the members present decided the time was right to make a more official move. Mr L.B.H. Smith being the spokesman, others present being L. Newman, W. Graham and C. Browett. Saturday saw very hectic lobbying of other members on the rally field and resulted in a meeting of those interested convening at the Navigation Inn, Rowington at 11.00 a.m. on Sunday 26th May. This meeting ended with a unanimous decision to approach Headquarters with a formal request to form a new Centre, to be named The East Warwickshire Centre. Mr.C.Browett made the proposal and it was seconded by Mr. F. Smith, 25 members voting for and none against, 14 of the members present offered their services in any capacity required. A working party was assembled under the leadership of Mr. Smith and the request was put to HQ, and the Midland Centre. HQ showed interest in the idea, as the Midland Centre covered such a large area and with the membership growing they were prepared to give it serious consideration. It was at a meeting at the Bulls Head, Coventry on the 29th November 1964 after a number of other meetings, some quite heated, that the Club Executive agreed that East Warwickshire members could control their own affairs and that this would take effect from 1st January 1965.


1. At all East Warwickshire rallies the authority for the conduct of the rally shall be vested with the Rally Officer or his or her appointed deputy. In the event of a member breaking these rules or any other rules in force at the time, the Rally Officer shall fully investigate the matter and shall be authorised to TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION and may request such member to remove his outfit from the site, if deemed necessary, after consultation with the Committee person(s) present. A full report will be prepared by the Rally Officer and given to the Committee for such action to be taken as deemed necessary.

2. Each member must report to the Rally Officer on arrival at the site with his outfit before pitching, members will pay site fees and all monies due, a member must be prepared to produce his membership card if requested. All centre rallies commence at 5.00pm.on Friday unless stated otherwise. Please do NOT arrive before the stated opening time. All caravans to be sited on the Rally Officers directions. Each caravan must be placed on the pitch as instructed by the Rally Officer. A distance of not less then 25ft (where space permits) should be allowed between one unit and the next, taking into consideration persons wishing to erect awnings. The towing vehicle should wherever possible be placed on the offside of the caravan. It is acceptable for caravans fitted with a door on the offside to be parked with the ‘A’ frame pointing in to opposite direction to the caravans parked on either side. In these cases the rear nearside corner of the caravan should be on the peg.

3. All East Warwickshire rallies carry an administration fee, anyone booking into a rally and not arriving will be expected to pay the current admin. fee plus any expenses incurred on your behalf (newspapers, plaque, etc.) Current Admin (2013): £2.50 for Rallies of two nights duration, £1.25 per night for Rallies of 3 nights or longer duration. This will be collected by the Dues Officer. For weekend or Bank Holiday rallies the fee will not be levied if you cancel your reservation no later than the Monday prior to the rally. For rallies where a deposit is required, this is non returnable and includes the Administration fee. Where in the unforeseen event of a rally being cancelled only members who have sent in the official rally slip by the specified date will be notified of cancellation and informed of the alternative arrangements.

4. At ‘drive on and site’ rallies the reservation of pitches will not be permitted. At normal weekend rallies of 2 nights the reservation of pitches is limited to one pitch which must be adjacent to the member reserving the pitch. If site conditions/layout allow, the Rally Officer may relax the one pitch rule at his absolute discretion. On Holiday rallies of 3 nights or more the reserving of pitches may be allowed at the discretion of the Rally Officer and also assuming site conditions/ layout allow. The above rules do not apply to Rally Officers requiring pitches for assistants, or to certain Committee run rallies when it is necessary for the Committee to be sited adjacent to each other e.g. AGM where the entertaining of official guests may be necessary.

5. Members must provide their own toilets and must empty the contents into the Pit or disposal point provided; it must not be charged or rinsed directly from the drinking water tap. Waste water must be collected into a receptacle which does not leak or overflow. Normally disposal will be along a hedgerow. The disposal point must not be used for wet or dry kitchen refuse including tins and bottles etc. Members are asked to make their own provision for disposal.

6. The speed limit on the rally is 5 m.p.h. walking pace, only fully licensed drivers are allowed to drive vehicles on the site.

7. Dogs must be kept on their leads and under control at all times, the lead must not exceed 10 ft in length and when tethered in the proximity of the caravan should be shorter if it would inconvenience the rightful passage of anyone who has cause to be within the stated 10 ft. Owners of pets are asked to prevent them from fouling the ground in the vicinity of the caravans.

8. Members must ensure that their children do not trespass or damage the site owners or adjoining property. Parental control must be exercised over children at social events and on the Rally Field. In view of the possible danger to caravans and cars the flying of kites, model aircraft and other aerial objects (e.g. Frisbees), the playing of all types of ball games (other than in the designated area) the use of guns, air pistols, catapults, bows and arrows are strictly prohibited. All cycling is prohibited within and around the caravans. On some designated rallies cycling anywhere on the rally field will be prohibited for safety reasons.

9. Small tents whose total floor area is less than 32 square feet and with a height which does not restrict other ralliers view may be allowed at the absolute discretion of the Rally Officer. They must be sited wherever possible at the rear of the caravan. Where this is not possible they may be sited in a position determined by the Rally Officer. Sleeping in a motor vehicle other than motor caravans is strictly forbidden.

10. Always carry levelling blocks, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and sufficient water for immediate needs.

11. When the rally field becomes too wet, restriction flags may be used by the Rally Officer, the Yellow Flag will indicate you may only move with the Rally Officer’s permission, the Yellow and Red Flag flown below the Yellow Flag indicates a total ban on movement of all vehicles. Should it be necessary to use a 4-wheel drive for movement of cars and caravans, motor caravans, the Club, Centre Rally Officers, owner or driver will not accept any responsibility for any damage which may occur. A donation towards the cost of fuel of £1 a tow should be made directly to the vehicle driver.

12. The use of proprietary mobile electrical generators is allowed on East Warwickshire rallies providing they do not interfere with other rallies right to peace and quiet. This is in accordance with section 12 of the Club Site Rules, Sites Directory and Handbook, they must not be used between 6.00 p.m. and 8 a.m. Members are reminded that noise travels at night, and are therefore asked to avoid unnecessary noise after 11.00 p.m. which could disturb their neighbours or other ralliers.

13. Sunday papers will only be supplied at the Rally Officer's discretion, except between Bonfire and Easter rallies. Please state your requirements on your ‘Booking in’ slip. All booking slips must be with the Rally Officer by first post on Monday preceding the rally. Along with any monies that may be required, consideration must be given when ‘booking in’ to special rallies. All cheques and postal orders must be made payable to “East Warwickshire Centre, The Caravan Club” or E.W.C.C.

14. If you invite a visitor to the rally, please advise them to report to the Rally Officer upon arrival, stating whom they wish to visit and the member is asked to inform the Rally Officer of the impending visitors.

15. The good name of The Caravan Club will be upheld at all times, which includes the keeping of the Caravan Code, Country Code and the Coastal Code by every member keeping his pitch clean and free from litter and unnecessary items of equipment, and maintaining the orderly appearance of the site.

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